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New Careers in the Big City

By Daniel Seifert

Bright future, big city: what will the big careers of tomorrow be for hotspots like Mumbai and Delhi?  

When the government of Uttar Pradesh recently posted job adverts for 368 positions, they never dreamed they’d receive such a tsunami of replies: 2.3 million people responded. 

Competition for jobs is fierce around the world: but in India, which will add up to 300 million people to the workforce over the next 20 years, job-seekers may have to be ultra proactive to land their dream career in Mumbai or Delhi. Yet the good news is, this competition in turn makes for ever-more exciting cities.  

As the Delhi Human Development Report notes, New Delhi’s booming population is bolstered by some 75,000 migrants a year — each with a dream of building a future here.  

“The city is, in effect, a microcosm of India, wherein people from different parts of the country… have sufficient space to preserve their cultures and languages, and to contribute and participate in the city’s development,” the report notes.  

With this in mind, how might you stay ahead of the curve and make use of these dynamic cities? One way is to look into the future: what might be the buzz careers of tomorrow be for hotspots like Mumbai and Delhi?  


It’s an ambitious project — to build a public park that is larger than New York City’s Central Park. A home to 200 species of trees, heritage monuments and more, Delhi’s park is part of a push to make Indian cities greener.  

But far from just prettying up the place, greenery is set to feed the world. It’s hoped that by 2050, 50 percent of the world’s food will be provided by urban farms. So sharpen up those green thumbs: start looking into vertical farming architecture, high-tech hydrology and landscaping degrees.  


In the space of just seven years, 138 million Indians were lifted out of poverty: a truly remarkable achievement. And when basic needs are met, people in turn look to satisfy other needs — such as a hunger for fun and entertainment.  

That’s why in this thought piece, Indian real estate entrepreneur Niranjan Hiranandani calls for more creative spaces, culture centres, and amusement parks in Mumbai. What’s more, he says, these should operate 24/7. A good idea, given that Indians work hard and play hard — after all, a recent survey suggests 74 percent of Indian smartphone users have slept with one in their hand. 

New frontiers 

Just as ‘app developer’ would have seemed like a nonsense title to your grandmother in 1980, so there are job titles that seem very futuristic today. Our favourites? If you’ve got an unstoppable sense of fun and left-field creativity, you might become a gamification designer. And if you want to “combine the roles of therapist, historical researcher and interior designer,” be sure to become a nostalgist.  

Think outside the box 

Chasing a job in the bright lights of the capital? Doesn’t mean you have to work there — not with a sea change in national infrastructure.  

As one architect notes: “If today you asked someone if they would consider living in Jaipur and working in Delhi they would think you are an idiot. But with a network of high-speed trains, Delhi could be reached in just 45 minutes from Jaipur.”  

Do you see a bright future? 

What aspects of life make you feel most fulfilled?