With Ensure, Ana Leaves the Competition in Her Wake
Ana María Canaval Landázuri, a champion swimmer, counts on Ensure for her sports nutrition needs.

With Ensure, Ana Leaves the Competition in Her Wake

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This is the face of a world-class athlete.

Of a mother and wife.

And of a person who depends on Ensure.

This is Ana María Canaval Landázuri.

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Canaval is a champion Peruvian swimmer, a world master who has won nearly 400 medals — and counting — in international competition.

While training for her next big meet, Ana's juices were running low. She turned to Ensure, calling the decision "one of the best I have ever made."

And in her next meet, Canaval won four races in Uruguay.

"I started swimming again because my health was very bad," Canaval said. "I have high cholesterol and I had gained weight. So it was very bad for me."

Ana María Canaval Landázuri has found her way.

"When I jump in the ocean or in the pool, I am the happiest person in the world."

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