The Life-Saving Gift That Keeps Giving
The Life-Saving Gift That Keeps Giving

The Life-Saving Gift That Keeps Giving

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At the moment Gina was giving life, she found herself fighting for her own. Complicated pregnancy turned life-threatening delivery. When Addison was born, Gina was in the operating room, then a medically induced coma, rather than cradling her new daughter in her arms. Her loved ones had to trust she was in good hands, and trust in the safety of the gallons of donated blood she received. Over 20 times the blood that the human body contains.
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The blood donations that helped Gina were among millions screened every year by an Abbott system. Gina’s story is one of the many that inspire us to keep doing what we do, and to keep loving what we do – helping people live the healthiest, fullest lives they can.

Fast forward four years, Addison is a healthy and happy little girl. And Gina is a proud mom who is making the most of the life that she shares with the daughter for whom she went through so much.

This is their story.

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