Volleyball legend Misty May-Treanor on family, fitness, and fun

Every morning, I wake up and promise myself to try to become a better person and a better mom. Believe me, I know those are lofty goals! But here’s my secret: I truly believe that you don’t need to do anything huge to accomplish those things. It’s all about little moments, little gestures, little kindnesses.

That’s why I totally loved the Full-Life Hacks when I first heard about them – and why I’m proud to partner with Abbott on them. The Hacks are a series of creative, easy, and inexpensive ways to have fun and be active with the people you love. They came about when the company surveyed two million people around the world and learned that most people think family is the key to having a full life (I agree!). The top two barriers to living a full life? Money and time. It’s crazy that all around the world, it’s so hard to have enough of those two things. So they thought: What if there was a way to have more meaningful moments with your kids and family without spending a lot of time or money? And voilà, the Full-Life Hacks were born.

For all of those women who feel like they’re being pulled in a million directions, let me just say that I’m right there with you. I’ve always felt like my life was super-busy (training and competing in the Olympics isn’t something you can do part-time!), but things got a lot more hectic about two years ago, when my daughter was born. My schedule didn’t slow down just because I had a baby. My husband and I both travel a lot, so we’ve had to bring her with us on trips or to work. I could be stressed out that I have to figure out travel with a two-year-old—no more relaxed flights reading magazines!—but I choose to see it as a chance to spend more time with her.

When we’re home, we’re all about having fun together whenever we can. Even better? If we can also be active. My daughter is going to make up her mind about a lot of things—how she wants to dress, the shows she can’t get enough of—but I have so much power in how she views being healthy. If she sees my husband and I choosing healthy snacks and staying active, she’ll just assume that’s a natural part of life. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be silly with it. Exhibit A: The family dance parties we have where we put music on and jump around in the living room. I’m just glad none of the neighbors can see us!

Living a full life sounds complicated and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out some really fun, inexpensive ways you can turn an ordinary day into a super fun one any time of the year with your kids at lifetothefullest.abbott.

Misty May-Treanor is a retired volleyball athlete, Olympian, and mom who understands the importance of combining family and fitness time to help people everywhere stay active while having fun.