New Year, New You
New Year, New You

New Year, New You

5 Healthy Changes You Need to Make in 2017

Recharge. Renew. Reset.

That’s what the transition from one year to another gives us a chance to do.

“As humans, we like the concept of a new start, particularly as a way to break bad habits and start anew,” says Dr. Krishna Sudhir, cardiologist and medical affairs vice president in Abbott’s vascular business. Although many cultures celebrate the New Year at different times, he says the solar-based, 12-month Western calendar has become part of our common psyche, “pretty much across the globe. January is clearly a new beginning, and allows us to rethink our priorities and set new goals.”

Rob Williams, a strength and performance coach with Abbott’s EAS Sports Nutrition business, puts it this way: “Just as the four seasons work in quarterly cycles, so do our bodies and our mindsets. Our mindsets are key because there is a certain level of ‘readiness’ we all need in order to embrace change more readily. The new year gives us a clean slate to work with – and a greater sense of clarity.”

Plenty of us make resolutions this time of year. So why not put a healthy spin on the turning of the calendar page? It’s never too early – or too late – to reset our habits and behaviors.

We asked experts from across Abbott to weigh in on five changes we can make, no matter where in the world we live, to become our best, healthiest selves in 2017. Here are five of their best tips. To view each tip in the slide show below, click the white arrow on the right of each photo.