FULL-Life Hacks – The Family That Drums Together

FULL-Life Hacks – The Family That Drums Together

Try this fitness trend that will work out your inner rock star while giving you and your family or friends a cardio boost.
So how do we do this FULL-Life Hack?

1. Spend 30 minutes being active with your family two to three times a week by turning on the music and air drumming along. Don’t have enough time? Try a different drumming game for 10 to 15 minutes.

2. You don’t need actual drumsticks. Try using chopsticks, rolled-up magazines, spatulas, or spoons. Here’s a tip – the heavier the “drumsticks” the more strenuous your workout will be.

3. Then turn on your favorite music and air drum to the beat! Drum up high. Drum down low. Drum on one side of your body and then the other.

Want to learn more?

Click to download PDF instructions here.

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