Abbott Experts on Why FAMILY MATTERS to Fitness
Abbott Experts on Why  FAMILY MATTERS to Fitness

Abbott Experts on Why FAMILY MATTERS to Fitness

In late 2015, Abbott asked people around the world what living fully meant to them. Since then, nearly two million people responded. They told us:

  • FAMILY is the No. 1 key to a full life.
  • No matter where they lived, MONEY and TIME were their top two barriers.

Inspired by the data, Abbott – which is all about helping people live their best lives through good health – has introduced FULL-Life Hacks to help families around the world:

  • Set goals
  • Make healthier choices
  • Boost their physical activity
  • Live fuller, more active lives

And by design, FULL-Life Hacks:

  • Don’t require much time or money
  • Can be done anywhere
  • Are tested by Abbott’s own global employees and their families
  • Benefit from our global experts sharing their scientific, medical, and fitness insights



A few of our global experts weigh in on why we all need to keep it moving – and why we should do it with others:

“A family that stays active together has lots of fun together, and hence bonds better and lives healthier and happier.”

  • Dr. Abhijit Pednekar, leads Scientific Project Managers for Abbott’s established pharmaceuticals business in India
    Mumbai, India

 “We’re creatures of community. If two friends make a pact to be active, there’s positive reinforcement, which makes it more likely they will stick with the exercise regimen. In addition, there’s social benefit of going for a walk or jog or a swim with another person.”

  • Dr. Krishna Sudhir, cardiologist and medical affairs vice president in Abbott’s vascular business
    Santa Clara, California, USA

“In China today, health is the top priority for people – especially families. Health is the first reason sport is so important. In China, we like to say health is No. 1. If you have health, you have a lot of wealth.”

  • Dr. Shirley Li, medical director for Abbott’s international nutrition business
    Shanghai, China

“It is important to be physically active, as it boosts your overall health and well-being. It also improves the quality of life. Moreover, exercising with family or friends boosts morale and acts as a constant motivating force for regular physical activity.”

  • Dr. Samir M. Adsule, head of medical affairs for Abbott’s established pharmaceuticals business in India
    Mumbai, India

“Our bodies were not built to be sedentary. You think about a toddler – they don’t sit still. There are numerous studies that show cognitive health and physical health are maintained with physical activity. It’s an essential part of our existence.”

  • Dr. Jennifer Jones-McMeans, associate director of clinical research for Abbott’s vascular business – and kinesiology and exercise science expert
    Santa Clara, California, USA


Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Before engaging in any physical activity, please consult with your doctor about how much and what kind of physical activity is right for you.