4 Fantastic TED Talks To Better Yourself

4 Fantastic TED Talks To Better Yourself

By Puja Disha Bharwani
From mastering body language to the simple value of hitting the pause button in life, these are four TED Talks you simply must watch

Exciting news: according to recent figures, India is set to boast the second-largest population of internet users after China. Days later, another survey found some slightly less positive news: 65% of Indians admit to being internet addicts.  

But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Why not use the internet to better yourself? Start at TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), a platform for global conferences where experts share their knowledge. Don’t know which talk to start at? Check out these ideas. 

1. Got a meeting? Take a walk 

Nilofer Merchant says ideas flow better when you walk the talk. Sitting for long periods of time is hazardous to your health, because of your lack of physical activity. Her theory is founded on the fact that movement encourages creative thinking — so you need to get out of the box to think out of the box!  

Power quote: “You’ll be surprised how fresh air drives fresh thinking, and in the way that you’ll bring into your life an entirely new set of ideas.”

2. Your body language shapes who you are 

Your non-verbal communication is just as important as verbal communication, says social psychologist Amy Cuddy. Upright or sluggish posture, or a weak versus a strong handshake, affects how people view you.  
Heck, it can even affect the way you see yourself. “Power posing” can cause an uptick in testosterone levels, and increase your confidence. The time to use power poses effectively is during periods of professional or social evaluation.   

Power quote: “Don’t fake it till you make it. Fake it till you become it. Do it enough till you actually become it and internalise it.”

3. Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do? 

Self-help advisor to the Clintons and Oprah, master motivational speaker Tony Robbins is all about the why and not the what. In this 21-minute talk that has already racked up 15 million views, he examines the invisible forces that drive people to act in a certain way. His goal: to understand how to contribute in every sphere of your life, and be more resourceful in what you do by linking decisions, destiny and focus.  
Robbins is known for his signature three-day seminars conducted to full houses around the world. He rarely condenses his wisdom into bite-sized content — this one is a keeper.   

Power quote: “What is your motive for action? What is it that drives you in your life today? Not 10 years ago. Are you running the same pattern? Because I believe that the invisible force of internal drive, activated, is the most important thing.”

4. Pico Iyer: the art of stillness

Globally known travel writer Pico Iyer talks about remaining still to cherish the important moments in our crazy lives. Believe it or not, doing nothing for a while should be on your list of things to do! Go nowhere, so you can gain some insight into your life.  
If you can’t carve out a few days for yourself, be still for a few minutes a day to begin with. Stillness is the perfect way to form internal communication with yourself if you feel overwhelmed with work. 
Power quote: “I found that the best way I could develop more attentive and more appreciative eyes was, oddly, by going nowhere, just by sitting still. And of course sitting still is how many of us get what we most crave and need in our accelerated lives — a break.” 

Image Credit: Michael Brands/Ted