5 Ways Art Can Brighten your Outlook

5 Ways Art Can Brighten your Outlook

By Ninad Sheth
Make new friends, connect more warmly with clients and earn some tidy savings — these are just some of the ways art can paint a picture of success

1. A Bright Investment

According to experts, the Indian art market is due for an upsurge, providing an opportunity for even small investors to make some smart savings.

“The market for [Indian] pieces from 40,000 to 100,000 rupees is growing and is competitive,” Anoop Kamath, publisher of www.mattersofart.net, told press. “If you pick the right new talent and keep the painting for a few years, there is a 40 percent upside for most artists.”

2. Art is the New Golf

What better way to find new friends than with a gallery visit? In Delhi, head to galleries like Dhoomimal. This grand dame is over 70 years old and still looking gorgeous, much like its upscale clientele. Mumbaikars, stroll by Project 88 in Colaba. The century-old metal printing press is an artwork in itself, but don’t let that distract you from the oodles of contemporary multi-media art by South Asian rising stars.  

Year-round, private firms and auction houses also hold parties that are ideal for art appreciation. More importantly, these swanky gigs are a networker’s dream. Find yourself unable to strike up a conversation? Just talk about the art!

3. Bling Up Your Office Space

Art does not have to be big and imposing. A deskbound statuette or a small painting can work wonders for your cubicle. The art in the office is a sure fire stress buster during the hectic day.

Seriously: research has shown that hospital patients that were exposed to art during treatment took less pain medication and experienced lowered blood pressure.

4. Pack a Museum in Your Pocket

Can’t go to a gallery? All you need is Google Art Project, which beams masterpieces from the world’s greatest art collections straight to your screen. From the Museum of Islamic Art at Qatar to the Muse d’ Orsay in Paris — all that glitters in the world of art is just a touchscreen swipe away.

Tip: Make use of Google Art Project’s feature that lets you save your favourite artwork. Then you can while away your commute browsing through your favourite pieces. Plus, it’ll do wonders for your client relationships. Studies have found artwork can help businesses connect with their clients on an emotional level.  

5. Art can be Charity

Some of India’s top charities allow you to help the needy and promote art. So pull in with friends and contact groups like Art India Organisation, which funds art camps for underprivileged children. Or use any skills you have in photography, graphic design or PR to promote the work of IMFPA, which promotes disabled artists who paint solely with their mouth or feet.