6 Podcasts That Could Make You More Successful

6 Podcasts That Could Make You More Successful

By Daniel Seifert
Drink in wisdom through your ears! Meet the podcasts that will make you smarter, healthier and more motivated

There’s nothing like feeling a one-on-one connection to really learn something. That’s why podcasts are rocketing in popularity around the world — they communicate stories and facts in a deeply personal way, and you can enjoy them as you do chores or doze through your commute.

In our survey, 18 percent of Indians said success is a key factor to living a fulfilled life. And sometimes, the path to success is as simple as listening. Here’s what to listen to:


Join hosts Ravi, Mukund and Lakshmi as they discuss issues related to Indian SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises). With a minimum of jargon and a maximum of down-to-earth friendliness, their episodes always have something to offer — like prizes for listeners who contribute answers to the podcast’s Facebook or Twitter pages.

Try this episode: How to Choose a Mentor. Learn the value of having a business role model, and how to find them.


Yes, the intro music sounds like a 1980’s cop-show, but this award-winning podcast is brimming with knowledge on how to succeed as a leader in your work environment. Their episodes — over 300 and counting — cover topics from how to hold an effective meeting, to resolving office conflict.

Try this episode: How to Go On Vacation. What, you need to be taught that? In this case, yes, as you’ll learn the all-important skill of how to make time for a holiday in the first place.


The tagline says it all: Real Talk with Real Millionaires. If you want to learn how to get rich, speak to someone who has done it, right? That’s what business coach Jaime Tardy does in her warm, insightful interviews with a host of success stories. Her podcasts are available as videos and audio, and for the time-strapped, you can simply skim the transcripts.

Try this episode: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Hacks with Pedram Shojai. The author, filmmaker and spiritual expert shares how he generated 125,000 email opt-ins in two weeks, and how to defeat that feeling of, “it’s too late for me to start my dreams”.


Whether you’re searching for smart ways to sleep better or hack social media to become an online celebrity, SoG’s slickly produced podcasts embody the maxim: every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better. Plus, the podcasts nabs some celebs of its own, so you can hear wisdom from singer Alanis Morisette and media whiz Arianna Huffington.

Try this episode: 10 Ways to Get off the Couch and Into Greatness. Laziness has struck all of us at one time or another. Here’s how to overcome it when you’re at your lowest.


Climbing the ladder to success also means being that person who can charm and inform people with a pithy anecdote or fun fact. Take your cue from this earthy podcast full of brain-food. As the website proclaims, you will “taste the origins, legends and practical magic of [Indian] ingredients and recipes that range from the everyday to the extraordinary.”

Most episodes, whether they are hunting for India’s national dish or waxing lyrical about the country’s love affair with Marie biscuits, clock in at under 13 minutes, so they are perfect as a quick snack for the ears. Just be warned: host Vikram Doctor’s voice is so earthy you may be lulled to sleep. 

Try this episode: Earthy, Resilient and Nutritious: Ragi is a Metaphor for the People it Nourishes. The Food Doctor waxes lyrical about the underappreciated cereal, finger millet, which is finally gaining attention as a diabetic-friendly superfood. Not only that, its symbolism forms the backbone of topical local books.


The best podcasts teach you something as they entertain you, and Hidden Brain is no exception. After each immersive, story-packed episode you will finish by realising, “Hey, I now know how to buy better Valentine’s presents/how to make smarter resolutions/what makes a persuasive argument.”

Try this episode: Even Astronauts Get the Blues: Or Why Boredom Drives Us Nuts.