Use Social Media to Land Your Dream Job

Use Social Media to Land Your Dream Job

By Puja Disha Bharwani
Present your best side to any company by being a creative, conversation-starting digital pro

Nowadays your web presence is about so much more than just your Facebook page or Twitter profile. There’s an opportunity to think outside the 140-character box. So how can you best highlight your personality and work experience in the complex world of multiple digital platforms?

Check out our tips so you won’t be among the 19% of Indians surveyed who feel that confidence keeps them from living fully: instead, you’ll know how to showcase your most confident self.

1. Campaigns aren’t only for brands!

From new product launches to up-and-coming events, web-based campaigns have become pre-requisites across nearly all industries. So, job-seekers, why not ditch the conventional CV and kick-start an online marketing campaign to promote yourself instead?

When the San Francisco-based Nina Mufleh was looking to land a job with Airbnb in early 2015, she created a stunning online-based resume (pushed out on her social channels) that immediately captured the curiosity of Airbnb’s CEO. Even though Mufleh did not prove to be the right candidate after rounds of interviews, her website,, garnered more than 45,000 site visits and the attention of a slew of other tech companies, such as Uber and LinkedIn. Plus over 14,000 views of her LinkedIn profile.

In essence, this smart young candidate went viral in the best way possible.

Quick tip: Consider borrowing a designer-savvy friend to build a professional-looking website as part of your campaign. Better yet is if the design and tone mirrors that of the company you’re looking to wow, showing that you get their brand.

2. Lure hiring managers to your honey pot

Amsterdam-based job hunters Tim Menko and Ingmar Larsen decided to showcase their past works for big brands, such as Disney, Paramount Pictures, HP and M&M, with an exciting twist. How? Via Periscope, a popular live-streaming app.

The duo even drummed up interest for their live pitch by sharing the broadcast on social media and sending out press releases. The result? More than 100 big-wigs tuned in to the presentation, leading to a healthy bounty of job leads.

Aside from a sense of immediacy, using the live-streaming app to broadcast your work is a great way to cross borders and time zones to reach international employers. If nothing else, live-streaming your portfolio transforms an average job interview into a media event, marking you as an immediately memorable candidate.

Quick tip: Treat the live-streaming session as a keynote presentation. This means hours of rehearsals before the scheduled broadcast, making sure to hit the right notes and speak confidently. (Tongue-tied? Check out our public speaking tips here.)

3. Show, don’t tell

It’s a brave new world out there, so don’t be afraid to get creative with mixed media. This is an era of SnapChat and Vine — if you’re applying to a young, creative company, why not attach a fun five-second video along with your cover letter?

Or how about this. Show, don’t tell, your knowledge of digital media by putting a QR (quick response) code on your paper CV. When your potential employer scans it, you can direct them to your blog, a video of your accomplishments, your highest-liked Instagram photo — whatever will help amplify your skills.

In a nutshell, Chanranjit Singh, managing partner at Construct Digital, a digital services firm, says forging a strong, unique web presence can really make you memorable in a competitive market.

“I feel social media is a great way to help you stand out in a crowded environment if done right. Let your authenticity shine through.”