I Like to Move It: 5 Links for a Smarter Commute

I Like to Move It: 5 Links for a Smarter Commute

By Daniel Seifert
We all do it, and we all hate it. But does a commute have to drain your life away? India @Work  gathers the smartest tips and tales to make your daily work trek into an asset — one that might just help you shed 2.5kg in weight

1. Are you a fearless driver? Consider swapping four wheels for two: check out this list of the top 10 motorbikes for Indian commuters.

2. Uber is all well and good, but as this story shows, many Indian startups are tackling commute issues from the ground up. From bus-aggregating apps that let you book seats, to good old-fashioned carpooling, feast your eyes on these innovative commuting ideas.

3. These five creative ways to be more productive while commuting turn a sometimes soulless daily ritual into an asset. Try building a social presence that jump-starts your career: “On Twitter, you could get involved in Twitter chats relevant to your business.”

4. Learn how one New Yorker turned his daily train ride into a bestselling novel. How? By typing out hundreds of words a day on his tiny Blackberry.

5. Bonus: Your commute might just help you lose weight, according to a fascinating study of 7,000 work travelers.