Five Tips to a Tech-Driven Career Boost

Five Tips to a Tech-Driven Career Boost

By Daniel Seifert
We live in a world of constant tech development. But it can be tough to pin down ways that these ever-changing gizmos can change your life for the better. Luckily, we’ve sourced stories that do just that

1. “Creating advantage out of constraint.” India has its own brand of creative development: all hail frugal innovation! One local professor even believes his grassroots inventor network has spawned 25,000 inventions.

2. We all have smartphones, but most of us take terrible photos. This handy list of tips, including the best time to shoot to the biggest no-no of food photography, could have you snapping like a pro in minutes.

3. Which mobile transportation app has been voted India’s most preferred start-up to work for? Check out the other top companies too — many of them are in the tech sector.

4. Put down Angry Birds for a second, and take a peek at these 10 apps that will actually improve your life, from a tool that lets you speed-read 1,000 words a minute to an educational art gallery in your pocket.

5. How will technology morph in the next few years? According to this insider, we will probably still be checking our smartphones 150 times a day, but also “creating data with our clothing, wearable technology, smart homes and smart cars. Everything that can be connected, will be connected.”