Goodbye Stress, Hello Holiday

Goodbye Stress, Hello Holiday

By Luke Clark
In a sweep around the best in new holiday ideas, India @Work steps onto farms, into caves and up to the trees — in search of magical vacation moments

1. Instant immersion

Are you sick of stepping off a plane, and ending up in the same malls and restaurants you might explore at home? Then fight back! One of the hottest tickets both locally and abroad is experiential travel — or put simply, the desire for more meaningful vacations.

For Indian travelers, this desire is seeing younger folks take off on exciting adventures around their own amazing country: from trekking in the Himalayas, to caving in Meghalaya

Or for a further-flung expedition, many now desire to escape the work-driven world and momentarily become part of a whole new universe. Whether that involves a farm stay in Noosa, Australia, a beach party with thousands in Singapore or a market-to-restaurant sushi tour of Tokyo, immersive experiences deliver the genuine local flavor that discerning travelers crave.

2. What Indians want now

In its summer 2015 survey, Expedia found Indian respondents have an eye on fresh destinations too, including “unexplored destinations like Finland, Norway, Cyprus, Latvia, Romania and Argentina”.

Self improvement and even some cheeky fun are on the menu for some — 19 percent of Indian respondents said they’d go for a personal makeover on holiday; while 11 percent said they might even try the “liberation” of skinny dipping while overseas.

3. Our time is now

Due to recent political changes, two destinations currently being billed for a boom in interest next year are Cuba and Myanmar.

Long seen as having the right mix of old-world charm and authentic home-grown culture, these destinations are now more firmly “on-line” for travel than ever. This is why they are being touted by travel agents as still-unspoiled destinations, where tourists promise to bring much needed revenues.

4. Mix it up in India

The past decade has witnessed a boom in domestic travel, as a more prosperous generation rediscovers India’s backyard. Yet even the most avid travelers can rest assured that there’s plenty more still to see.

Local bloggers nominate spots like Gujarat state or the Pali district of Rajasthan, as perfect new areas to explore for even the most frequent local traveler.

5. Sleep as a new experience

If outdoor or culinary adventures are not on the menu, why not add some spice to your sleep by choosing a room with a difference.

Sleeping a dozen meters in the air in a tree house fits the bill: Pepper Trail, nestled in a 200-acre tea and coffee plantation, boasts two tree houses perched securely among 1,200 jackfruit trees.

With each room boasting a four-poster bed and neatly-appointed reading corners, it’s a superb way to relax amid the morning’s forest music.

6. To the lighthouse

Or if private accommodation is more your style, next time you’re searching for rented accommodation, try the left-field filters on Airbnb’s website.

Depending on the destination, you’ll be amazed at the adventurous sleeps on offer when your ordinary room search is filtered with preferences like “tree house”,“castle”, “lighthouse” or even “cave”. Happy searching — and may great dreams await!