Healthy Living on a Budget-Friendly Diet
Learn how to have a budget-friendly healthy lifestyle fuelled by good food.

Healthy Living on a Budget-Friendly Diet

By Dr Trushna Bhatt

Ditch Expensive Bottled Drinks

Need to cool off? Chop, squeeze and strain a fresh watermelon for a glassful of summer goodness, and add a mint leaf for freshness. This is a wonderful substitute for expensive aerated beverages and packaged juices loaded with sugar and preservatives. Another simple and traditional drink is chhaas. Blend some curd, chilled water, jeera powder and salt with fenugreek leaves. It costs less than supermarket smoothies and still contains all the goodness! Drink fresh or carry it to the office.

Healthy living doesn't need to be expensive if you're committed to putting in just a bit of thought and effort. Buy in bulk to cut costs, choose the convenience of healthy eating and keep the right ingredients on hand. These tips help you shop smart and eat healthy!

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