5 Tricks to Make Your Smartphone Work Harder

5 Tricks to Make Your Smartphone Work Harder

By Daniel Seifert
Check out these simple lifehacks to work harder, better, faster, stronger with your smartphone

Is your smartphone working with you or against you? In many cases, it’s the latter. Recently, a study found that consistently answering work emails on your phone at night can make you more tired and less productive the next day. So much so that many experts recommend you put your phone aside long before you head to sleep.  

But what about for the rest of the day? Are there ways your phone can be supercharged to save time and turn you into an efficiency machine? Yes indeed. 

1. Turn off notifications 

It used to be that we would be distracted by real-life events. Now our phone is a big culprit, buzzing that someone commented on our Facebook post, for example, when we should be firing out a quarterly report. Even if you just glance at this comment, studies show it will take you an average of about 23 minutes to return to your task. 

“We are, essentially, playing tennis with our cognitive energies,” this article on work distractions. “Only, unlike a tennis ball, our brain takes a little time to switch directions.” So, do your brain a favour and switch off notifications when you need to focus.  

2. Amplify sound 

If you’re a heavy sleeper or use the speaker mode on your phone for work calls, you can increase the volume with this simple hack: place it in an empty cup. The sound waves will reverberate more strongly that way.   

3. Bling up your charger

Constantly losing your phone charger in a darkened handbag when you travel? Paint it with glow in the dark paint so you never lose it.   

4. Charge your phone faster 

When you need to head out but your smartphone battery is low, every second counts. Turning your device to airplane mode can get your battery to full a few minutes faster, according to tech blog CNET. Want to improve the battery life further? Keep your screen brightness low, turn off wi-fi and Bluetooth, and disable phone vibration alerts.   

5. Turn productivity into a game 

Want to be rewarded for completing humdrum tasks like going to the gym or cleaning out your fridge? You’ll love HabitRPG, which gamifies your chores. For every inputted task you complete, you’ll win experience points, level up, and unlock fun features. Fail your tasks, and you lose in-game ‘health’. Think of it as a Super Mario game for chores. As you can imagine, it’s just as addictive; especially when you can compete for points with friends.