7 Sublime City Walks in Mumbai and Delhi

7 Sublime City Walks in Mumbai and Delhi

By Daniel Seifert
What if we told you a simple walk could add years to your life, and boost your creativity? Now you just need the right spot

Fitness fads abound, but little can beat a visit to the local park for a stretch and a vigorous walk.  

This is especially true in the more comfortable temperatures of winter. You can easily log in a crisp three kilometers or so, while smelling the flowers at your own pace.  
It may even add years to your lifespan: research suggests that just 25 minutes of brisk walking a day can add seven years to your life. So strap on your trainers, and let’s take a stroll around seven great Mumbai and Delhi walks.  

New Delhi: roses, history and wilderness 

1. Lodhi Garden:

In the heart of Delhi’s diplomatic enclave, set among the tombs of the Lodhi’s (the sultans of Delhi in the 15th century), is perhaps the best-maintained garden in India.  
The 90 acres of greenery are perfect for a long walk or some yoga. The open-air gym is a favorite with the younger set of executives, so it’s a great spot to sweat while you network. 

2. The President’s Estate:

This is the king of walks, albeit open only for a brief while in the winter since it is the President’s private estate. Come February, as you walk you witness 10,000 tulips interspersed with 120 varieties of roses. It makes for a truly royal treat.  

3. The Rose Garden at the Feroz Shah Kotla:

Not visited by many, this spot is great for serenity-seekers. Feast your eyes on the historic Old Fort as you inhale fragrant blossoms of several types of roses.

Subhanshu Nigam, 27, a market analyst at a consultancy firm, notes: “The Rose Garden is well maintained and has a unique tranquility to it. A brisk walk here works very well for me.”

4. The Northern Ridge Garden:

 A great spot to get away from city life, as it has a certain wilderness to it. Part of the rocky and verdant garden sits astride the North campus of Delhi University. A large number of the estimated 250 tree species of Delhi are found here. Home to about 20 small mammals and about 50 species of birds, you can, with luck, spy many migrating birds here in the winter. 

Quick tip:

 It’s not just good for your heart. One study found people who walked demonstrated a 60 percent boost in creative thinking compared to non-walkers.  

Mumbai: A-listers and yoga-lovers  

5. Jogger’s Park, Bandra:

Mumbai’s cutest little park, boasting a cute little pond and lots of nooks for the kids to explore. Its location in fashionable Bandra means you’re just as likely to see a Bollywood star jogging along!    

6. Kamla Nehru Park:

Come for the sublime views of South Mumbai, stay for the easy walk. Best of all, exercise motivation is always available. Certified yoga teachers are on hand in this spot. 

7. Azad Maidan South Mumbai:

This is where the power players come to play. Legend has it that every morning people who control 10 percent of India’s GDP take a walk here! Surrounded by buildings of the empire and in the heart of the busy city is this island of tranquility.

You can walk or play a spot of cricket with emerging greats of Indian cricket — then, after another jog to Marine Drive, reward yourself with a hearty breakfast.