Travel Tips from India's Luxe Nomad

Travel Tips from India's Luxe Nomad

By Puja Disha Bharwani
Hip travel and lifestyle blogger, Riaan George, says making the most of travel destinations is all about your attitude.

People travel for many reasons: to escape their daily routine, discover new places, broaden their mind or simply switch off. Whatever the reason, your next trip is packed with potential.

For Riaan George, editor of a luxury online magazine Urban Eye, exploring new places and experiencing luxury travel first-hand can be summed up in one word: freedom.

“It is the most liberating experience ever. The feeling of getting on a plane and going somewhere, or even checking into a beautiful hotel… nothing can beat it,” says George, who has been globetrotting since he was one-year-old.

“Today, I have grown up into a person who sees travel as the number one priority in my life,” he adds. The sense of freedom gained by travelling the world has both inspired and informed Riaan’s work as an influencer, whose fan base is flourishing.

Here are some of his tips for making the most of any journey.

1. The nature of luxury

Riaan has a keen eye for boutique hotels, loves to speak to the world’s leading chefs, and spend time admiring things that are well designed.You may think his trips are all glistening mountains and infinity pools.

But he says the places he likes best are where he can be one with nature.

“From chatting with a fellow passenger in an aircraft lounge bar in the clouds, to sipping tea in the middle of a Himalayan stream or playing golf overlooking the Indian Ocean. The luxury of being one with nature is what’s truly idyllic to me,” says George.

So, work out your own definition of luxury travel and go after those experiences. 

2. Get lost!

Says Riaan, “don’t be afraid to get lost, man.” The best way to find hidden hotspots in a city is deceptively simple: walk around. Ditch cabs and even subways, which whizz past city secrets at a mile a minute.  Try to steer clear of Googling your way out of every conundrum. That way you’ll discover spots off the Lonely Planet trail.

3. Time waits for no man

And on that note: don’t be afraid to get lonely. As a travel influencer, Riaan insists you should not wait for company to travel.

“Just pack your bags and take off,” is this die-hard traveller’s advice. Follow your desire to explore without depending on anyone, he says. But he never leaves home without his must-pack travel item — his grooming kit.

Quick tip: George’s travel advice could see you join an airline’s first class — dressing smart and travelling solo are two of the main factors in securing a flight upgrade. Check out the full list of 10 factors here.

4. Follow your heart

In an age of 1,0001 Places to Visit Before You Die, Riaan is also not afraid to visit beloved destinations again and again. If you love something, why tick it off after one trip?

Riaan certainly doesn’t. “I am obsessed with Paris and have been going there twice a year for over 18 years. In spite of over 40 trips to the French capital, every trip is memorable for me.”

Image Credit: Riann George