Can I Get a Life Hack? 4 Links to a Better You

Can I Get a Life Hack? 4 Links to a Better You

By Daniel Seifert
Pity our poor ancestors; they had to get by in life without the concept of life hacks — those quick, time-saving tips that can revolutionize our everyday tasks

Far from being the lazy man’s solution, life hacks prove that making something easier doesn’t have to be hard. We have snooped around for some of the best tips out there, so that you can follow Henry Ford’s wise advice: “Don’t find fault. Find a remedy. Anybody can complain.”

1. Do You Fidget? Yes? Good! Keep twitching and squirming at your desk. It might just be extending your lifespan, according to new research.

2. Don’t believe everything you read, as this video of “30 Life Hacks Debunked” proves.

3. Visit, the original treasure chest of teeny tips. Start off with this 34 Crucial Tips For Your Next Job Interview infographic. As it claims, 33% of managers decide whether to hire someone within 90 seconds. Wow.

4. Uh-oh: a Messy Desk Means Less Productivity. Luckily this 60-second video will have your surfaces sparkling clean in no time. We love the neat way of repurposing Post-It notes to clean your keyboard in just a few seconds.